Sonny Landreth – The Ultimate Slide Guitar Lesson – YouTube

What a great guitar player. Landreth really breaks down the nuts and bolts of playing electric slide guitar, bringing out some of the subtleties of vibrato and string dampening. He also has a great way of showing off his behind-the-slide fretting to create different scale and chordal textures. Great stuff.

Tony Levin’s Road Diary

Tony Levin

Bass player Tony Levin’s website archives. New site at

Source: Tony Levin’s Road Diary

Tony Levin is a greatly creative musician, but also a prolific blogger. His posts are primarily photos with short blurbs, but he’s been doing it since the mid-1990s. Despite all of this, Levin is an incredibly humble player. My all-time favorite electric bassist, for sure (Mingus would be my favorite upright player).