Sun Ra Discography at Discogs

Sun Ra

Source: Sun Ra Discography at Discogs

This is a decent discography of Sun Ra’s recorded works, but it still doesn’t approach the detail of Robert Campbell’s The Earthly Recordings of Sun Ra. At several hundred pages, it is an essential resource for any researcher or fan of Sun Ra’s music, full of session info, musicians’ credits, copyright info, etc., all indexed according to compositions, recordings, and musicians. Great stuff to geek out on.

Sonny Landreth – The Ultimate Slide Guitar Lesson – YouTube

What a great guitar player. Landreth really breaks down the nuts and bolts of playing electric slide guitar, bringing out some of the subtleties of vibrato and string dampening. He also has a great way of showing off his behind-the-slide fretting to create different scale and chordal textures. Great stuff.

Tony Levin’s Road Diary

Tony Levin

Bass player Tony Levin’s website archives. New site at

Source: Tony Levin’s Road Diary

Tony Levin is a greatly creative musician, but also a prolific blogger. His posts are primarily photos with short blurbs, but he’s been doing it since the mid-1990s. Despite all of this, Levin is an incredibly humble player. My all-time favorite electric bassist, for sure (Mingus would be my favorite upright player).