Fela Kuti – Gentleman – YouTube

Africa hot
I like am so
I know what to wear
But my friend don’t know
Him put him sock
Him put him shoe
Him put him pant
Him put him singlet
Him put him trouser
Him put him shirt
Him put him tie
Him put him coat
Him come cover all with him hat
Him be gentleman
Him go sweat all over
Him go faint right down
Him go smell like shit
Him go piss for body
Him no go know
Me I no be gentleman like that
(chorus) I no be gentleman at all o
I be Africa man
(chorus) I no be gentleman at all o

SUN RA / Space Is The Place – YouTube

So many layers of counterpoint I almost get lost. This is definitely a chant-type composition in that it repeats the lyrics over and over while the instruments evolve into a multi-layered set of both tonal and non-tonal (bitonal? multi-tonal?) counterpoint. The baritone sax keeps the same line throughout, but the tenor and alto saxes along with the trumpets morph from straight-up big band arrangement to free improv. The bari, drums, and bass glue the whole thing together.

This tune, and others like it, were common ingredients in what Graham Lock refers to as “space chants”: medleys of space-themed tunes, strung together as part of a performance for and with the audience. Space chants often ended with a kind of second-line dance with musicians coming down off the stage to dance in front of, among, and with the audience. I have heard tell that sometimes the line would dance out the door of the club onto the street. A typical second-line performance can be seen in the Robert Mugge film A Joyful Noise. read more

U.S. Veterans Use Greek Tragedy to Tell Us About War – The New York Times

Source: U.S. Veterans Use Greek Tragedy to Tell Us About War – The New York Times

Powerful stuff. I really feel for these veterans. Their discussion of PTSD reminds me of my own post-traumatic stress stemming from a propane gas explosion I experienced in college. Both of my hands and my left forearm are covered in skin grafts, it being the most painful experience I’ve had in life. I still remember the look, sound, and smell of the blue flames as they hit me, knocking me on my ass and instantly burning me all over. I remember running outside to the far side of the building and falling on the pavement. I remember a neighbor running up to me and asking what’s going on, looking panicked as he saw me. I remember not being able to speak clearly as I was dazed and out of breath. I remember the searing pain and my screams. I remember the debridement at the hospital. I remember waiting nearly 10 minutes in the emergency room before someone gave me any morphine. I begged the ambulance attendant for morphine, but he told me he couldn’t administer it. I remember thinking that I was going to die. read more

Jared Kushner’s Role Is Tested as Russia Case Grows – The New York Times

Source: Jared Kushner’s Role Is Tested as Russia Case Grows – The New York Times

Poor little preppy boy. What the fuck does this dude do anyway? His job description is so broad it makes no sense. Now we find that he was trying to establish back channel negotiations before Trump was sworn in. Isn’t that a violation of the Logan Act? The Logan Act (1799) makes it illegal for a private citizen to conduct foreign policy on behalf of the U.S. government (at least that’s my understanding of it). This is almost certainly what Gen. Flynn, the former National Security Advisor, has been accused of doing. read more