a playlist of some of my music

I host a number of recordings on ReverbNation.com in order to share some of what I have composed. In the future I hope to post a lot more, but I have not always been consistent in recording my compositions.

Please note that I barely play the piano. As such, “Livingston at Deception” is a midi rendering using some really nice piano samples. The four-part composition “Mpho” is also a midi rendering using samples, though there is no piano in these pieces. “Mpho” is meant to include improvisation, so the recordings of these pieces are only a rough estimate of what the entire composition should sound like. read more

U.S. Veterans Use Greek Tragedy to Tell Us About War – The New York Times

Source: U.S. Veterans Use Greek Tragedy to Tell Us About War – The New York Times

Powerful stuff. I really feel for these veterans. Their discussion of PTSD reminds me of my own post-traumatic stress stemming from a propane gas explosion I experienced in college. Both of my hands and my left forearm are covered in skin grafts, it being the most painful experience I’ve had in life. I still remember the look, sound, and smell of the blue flames as they hit me, knocking me on my ass and instantly burning me all over. I remember running outside to the far side of the building and falling on the pavement. I remember a neighbor running up to me and asking what’s going on, looking panicked as he saw me. I remember not being able to speak clearly as I was dazed and out of breath. I remember the searing pain and my screams. I remember the debridement at the hospital. I remember waiting nearly 10 minutes in the emergency room before someone gave me any morphine. I begged the ambulance attendant for morphine, but he told me he couldn’t administer it. I remember thinking that I was going to die. read more