a playlist of some of my music

I host a number of recordings on ReverbNation.com in order to share some of what I have composed. In the future I hope to post a lot more, but I have not always been consistent in recording my compositions.

Please note that I barely play the piano. As such, “Livingston at Deception” is a midi rendering using some really nice piano samples. The four-part composition “Mpho” is also a midi rendering using samples, though there is no piano in these pieces. “Mpho” is meant to include improvisation, so the recordings of these pieces are only a rough estimate of what the entire composition should sound like.

Also note that “Baby Girl Happy Dance” and “Khwai River Trance Dance” were created using mostly loops of drums, bass and guitar. My guitar playing is in the mix of both, but it is sometimes a bit subtle.

The remainder of the tunes are from live performances with several different bands. They may not be the best performances of these tunes, but they are the only recordings I have.

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I am a musician and academic living in Western, Massachusetts. I blog mostly about music, though I include the odd post about political or historical events that pique my interest.

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