Fife and Drum in Como, MS – Cultural Equity Research Center

Source: Cultural EquityResearch Center

This is some of the funkiest music I’ve heard in a long time, I like that the fife is playing in a major scale while the voice repeats a phrase and the drums lock it down (“Oree”); “Jim and John” is more about the lyrics, but the accent is very heavy, difficult for me to understand; “On That Rock” is church music with a great drum groove; then there is the guitar and fiddle music like “Joe Turner,” sounding like fiddle band pre-blues, the rhythm sounding a lot like the Rolling Stones’s “Country Honk”; then the polyrhythmic bottleneck playing of Fred McDowell, “Write Me a Few of Your Lines,” and “Shake ‘Em On Down,” and the magnificent “Sun Rose This Morning,” with the cheesy kazoo playing not quite distracting from the brilliance of the guitar playing; all of this from Lomax’s 1959 Southern recording trip.

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